When you need to host your website files and data on a server, you find different options. You can buy a powerful dedicated server and can use all the available resources. You can also buy comparatively cheaper VPS. Or you can go for the most economical option called a shared hosting server.

Before we talk about why a shared hosting server is better for a newbie, let’s talk about the main differences between all these 3 types of servers.

What is a Dedicated Server?

It is very clear by its name that a dedicated server is a machine that a hosting provider dedicates for your website alone. You have full access to all the resources of the server and you can customize your machine as per your requirements.

You can ask the hosting provider to increase the resources as well if you believe that the current resources are not just good enough for your website. Obviously you have to pay more for extra resources.

A dedicated server requires technical knowledge as you need to manage the server yourself. With that, you also need to pay a very high price for that. It means that a dedicated server is only suitable for big sites that get a lot of traffic on a daily basis and can provide a great ROI.

What is a Shared Hosting Server?

Again, the name says it all. You are going to share your hosting space with other people. The same server will host a lot of other websites as well from all around the world. Not only the hosting space, but you will also share other resources, like RAM, processor, server bandwidth, file usage, and much more.

You don’t have complete access to the server and most of the shared hosting servers are managed by the service provider, so you don’t need to be very technical.

What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. So it is a private server that means a dedicated server, but only virtually. In reality, it is a shared server. Again, a VPS is sharing its resources with multiple sites like a shared hosting server but there is a difference.

On a Virtual Private Server, each user is allocated different resources and customization options. The hosting space that is allocated to client A will not be shared by the hosting space allocated to client B on the same server.

So, virtually, you are using a dedicated server as you can customize your own server according to your requirement and all the resources that you have belongs to your site only. But in reality, you are using the same machine that is being used by some other clients as well.

You can understand this with the example of a hard disk. If you and your brother are using the same computer and the hard disk on that computer has only one drive i.e. drive C, then both of you will keep your files on the same drive.

But if you make two different partitions and install two different Operating systems on the partitions. One partition for you and other partitions for your brother, then it will be an example of a VPS. You are sharing your server, but you have dedicated space that cannot be used by any other person.

Why Shared Hosting Server is Better?

Now the question is why a shared hosting server is a better option for a beginner when a dedicated server or a VPS can provide better use of resources and good speed as well?

So here are different factors that make a shared hosting server a perfect choice for a beginner.


For a beginner who doesn’t have enough traffic and the size of the website is also very small, a shared hosting server is very affordable. Normally a good dedicated server can be bought for around 100$ per month whereas a normal VPS server can be bought as low as $10 per month. But a shared hosting server can be bought as low as $2 per month. This low price makes a shared hosting server a good choice for a beginner. At CRESWEBS you can get your shared hosting with free SSL in just $5 per month.

Easy to Use

To host a website on a shared hosting server, no technical knowledge is required. If you have a basic knowledge of installing scripts, you can make your website in no time and can go live. You can do it easily even if you don’t know how to install scripts as most of the service providers provide 1 click installer to install different scripts for blogs and forums. A specialized team from the service provider takes care of the server settings, so you don’t need to worry about that.


Though a dedicated server or a VPS has better security features for that you need to manage the security yourself which is very difficult and only a pro can customize the security features. For a beginner, shared hosting is best because the basic level of security is provided by the service provider and you as a client don’t need to bother about the security. But keep this in mind no server is 100% secure, let it be a dedicated server or a shared hosting server.


In performance, it is a fact that a shared hosting server cannot compete for a VPS or a dedicated server. But as we are talking about the new site that doesn’t require more resources, the performance will not be a big issue. There will be only a very slight difference in the performance of a new site on a shared hosting server.

Use CDN with Shared Hosting

Still, there is a way to improve the performance of the website on a shared hosting server. You can use the content delivery network CDN to improve the performance. You don’t need to worry if you don’t know what CDN is or how CDN works?

You just need to create a free account on Cloudflare which is the best CDN service, provider. After creating your account on a Free CDN provider you need to add your domain name and then update the nameservers of your domain to the nameservers of the CDN provider. It will improve website performance dramatically.