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Software Development Process In Technology

software development process is the logical consisting of series of programs used to carry out the desired objective. It can also be termed as application development and software design. The process of software development is to develop software through successive phases which include the actual writing of code as well as organization and management of requirements and objectives, the design of what is to be coded and evaluating performance by comparing achieved objectives of development with planned objectives.

 Software Development Process

Software development process involves software creation by coding using some program. The developed software functions through writing a series of interrelated programming code. A software programmer through computer programming achieves software development and includes processes such as initial research, data flow design, process flow design, flow charts, technical documentation, software testing, debugging and other software architecture techniques. It is referred to as Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC).

History and Development

There is no doubt in saying that software development companies and services are whole because of early pioneers who helped shape the structural functions of software development. Starting with the background of the software development, it was first proposed as a concept in 1945 by Charles Babbage. The development continued through the 1960s and 1970s, specifically mentioning the FORTRAN and COBOL. Later in the 1990s, IBM developed more easy programming languages through which computers found their ways to the user’s home, the PCs. According to the history of software development, the software was created long before the invention first electronic computer. As it can be noticed from our history, the invention of minicomputers, mainframe computers etc. has led to the development of software and it’s various aspects. By the mid-1980s, word processors, games, spreadsheets, audio and video software and many others were developed to be run on different computers and operating systems. In the mid-1990s, the entirely new software was developed after the development of first Internet browser. By the end of the 1990s, many software development companies have created many software programs for Microsoft, Apple, IBM etc.

Software Development in a New Era

Today, we are in the era of smartphones and multi-functioning tablets and invention of such hardware have led to the creation of many software programs. Use of the software is almost used in every aspect of our society, such as defense, airlines, oil, and gas multi-national companies etc. Some programming languages are still in use broadly, such as C and Cobal. Other languages, such as Java and Python, are somewhat younger and have been used in huge numbers of software development projects. Also, many businesses will look to increase their adoption of software development to help them understand how users are using their computers programs and what they need as well as want to use to improve user’s experience. There are few aspects of software development which will be used and in demand in upcoming future such as, flexibility, performance, and security etc. The flexibility perspective incorporates custom highlights, mixes, customized administrator and client territories for better convenience and versatility for given enterprises. That spreads both the forward-looking piece of programming improvement, the motors running in the background, and different devices cooperating in the middle. The performance issue is regularly substantial with a specific end goal to provide food for more markets, those aren’t sufficiently adaptable and stack huge amounts of information and code that moderates the application radically.


Regarding security, there’s dependably been a misalignment between first-rate security and flexibility of utilization. The more secure an application is, the more advances or limitations are presented in the ease of use cycle. This implies an “off the rack” arrangement will either be super secure, or usable and defenseless. There is no doubt that software development continues to improve and advance through the whole IT industry and provide high career growth for many individuals. Read more from here

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