06 Apr

Types Of Professional Logo Design According To Latest Trends

Logo design is symbol or mark which is nowadays very common to promote different brands, agencies, and public identification. It is very important for a known brand to get a logo designed properly which gives a particular identity to that brand. A logo can be a name written in a graphic form as logotype and watermark. There are many different applications which are being used to create a logo design and some most common are illustrator and Photoshop. A professional logo design requires a lot of factors which includes design, concept, colour and these factors depend on the type of logo need to be designed. Every logo design needs to go through a process.

Professional Logo Design

A logo gives an identification symbol to a business. There are 7 different types of the logo

Types of Logo Design

• Lettermark
• Wordmark
• Pictoral marks
• Abstract logo mark
• Mascots
• The combination mark


Lettermark is also known as monogram logo. This type of the logo is based on the initials of the company name and any conceptual alphabets or the initials of the owner’s name. It is easy to call a name of a company by initials than its big name. in such logo design type, next important step is to analyze the best font and the color scheme.


It is somewhere similar to lettermark the only difference is that in this complete business or organization name is used instead of initials. In this logotype, the main focus should be the font of the logo which represents the work of the organization.
For example, fashion brands use clean and elegant fonts and some govt organizations use the bold capital font.Now rest of the logotypes consist of pictures it’s it somewhere is a combination of pictures and wordmark and somewhere it is with the cartoon pictures related to brand product and a customized picture of a person.

Logo Design Process

A logo design passes through many steps. First of all, If it is a logo for a brand or any organization it will be the responsibility of the marketing team to chose a sketch for the design according to the text of the brand’s name.A professional logo design should be conceptually related to the targeted production of the brand. It is really important to research to get a final sketch for the logo.

Logo Color

The color of the logo represents the history of the product some signs like a plus sign in red color shows the hospital same like that every brand’s color represents their targets and some clothing brands change their logo colors according to the new products they change with the passage of time and season.Every time they change their logo color which goes with the schemed color of their display product. It is very important for a logo to be eye-catching and in that case color of a logo matters a lot. Every color combination should attract human vision. Somewhere some color schemes are fixed for some particular organizations different flights almost every major flight of a country represents its logo in its flag colors.These are the main factors need to be considered for any new logo design now one more thing is the security of the design to keep it safe from the people who copy designs so after the completion of the logo design it is important to register design.

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