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Send Personalized Messages

Emails are a personal message meant for the person who is directed to. We help you design emails which seem more personalized to your customers and gain their attention too.  The content we create is user-friendly and to the point.

Customer Database Information

We help you to segment the database of your customers from their buying history. If you need to send a product, we will help you to find the customers from your database that seem to be interested in that product according to their previous data.

Help Reduce Extra Cost

There are many costs involved in traditional ways of marketing. For example, printing costs, travelling cost, dispatching and postal costs, etc. We help you to eliminate all such costs through the email marketing.


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Knowledge Base

Why do I need and email marketing services?

With these email marketing  services, you can single create customized newsletter signup forms, manage large lists of contacts, design and create creative messages and track your progress by looking at open and click rates as well as other reader analytics. Many of these sites even allow you to split your subscriber lists into segments, so you can test different emails against one another to see which is more effective. All of these tools combined can help grow your business and get closer to your readers.

How do I make sure that my email doesn't go to spam?

The best way to check for spam is to test your emails by sending them to your own email accounts in different email browsers like Gmail and Yahoo!. In addition to that, a couple of the email marketing services we’ve reviewed have automated spam checkers.

How can marketing help you to find work in an email marketing company?

Email marketing applies old strategies in to the new tools. Every company has money and time invested in marketing and this is field that has been studied intensely.

Can I import a mailing list?

Yes you can.

Is it OK if my mailing list is missing some values?

Yes. You can set a default value to use for any missing values. In the Email Template dialog, click the Variable button to edit the default values.

Bulk Email Marketing Services and Benefits

Keep your sale records

Through our email marketing services we help you track sales of your product or service. We also help you identify user engagement for your business. For example, if you send emails to a segment of customers, we can help you track the information regarding the number of customers who clicked the link, read these emails or marked them spammed or unsubscribed to it, etc. In this way, we help you have a better record of your potential customers.

Recurrent Emails

Our email marketing experts know when to send emails to your potential customers. They make a stream of emails or a series in their marketing process and send frequent emails to your customers enhancing your chances of gaining more publicity and customer base.

Test Marketing Messages

Through our email marketing services we help you test the marketing messages before they are sent to all the customers. For example, we help you test your messages on a segment with one style of layout and graphics and see what response we receive. In this way, we have an edge to improve your messages according to the preferences of your customers.

How do we help?

Email Marketing services we provide are targeted, focused, personalised and time oriented. We do not believe in sending random emails to random people rather we analyse the businesses we work for, find their relevant audience and then design our email marketing strategies. How we help your business through email marketing is as under.

Some of the companies that uses Bulk Email Marketing

We are providing bulk Email Marketing services to all these companies with 100% satisfaction and results.

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