06 Apr

Dedicated Web Hosting is an Online Presence For Business

A website cannot work without being hosted by a good hosting server. The hosting server is a kind of a parking area where people park their sites to run. The web-hosting servers are those, which actually made the websites a part of the internet. The websites can be of a person or an organization. The web server does not only provide services for websites but people can also use it for their web pages. People purchase dedicated web hosting services from the providers and every provider sell the services in different packages. Some people or organizations use shared hosting or some get their own individual hosting packages. The data of the websites also get stored in those web servers. It depends on the package that how much data a website can store on a server. These servers are running on special computers. As it has been mentioned before, there are two types of website hosting servers. The first server is the one, which is being shared by different websites and the second type of the server is the one, which is known as dedicated hosting.

Real Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a much better option than the shared hosting. In dedicated hosting the user, get all the rights and control of the server. He gets total bandwidth a disk space and can store a large amount of data. The dedicated web hosting also gives the user control over the mail server and he can choose his own system. There is no need to share the memory with any other website owner. It is a fact that this is quite expensive then the share hosting but it can save the user from the entire problem related to web hosting and it is best for the security of the website as well.

Shared Hosting

Many businesses or people do not have enough resources to pay a lot of money for web hosting services. and running a business without a proper online presence through the website is almost impossible. People do not consider a business well established if it does not have an online presence. Therefore, for those who have limited financial resources or even they are new in the online and internet world, they can use shared. It may not be as reliable but it is still low prices than other web hosting services. The meaning of shared hosting is that different people share the hosting services. There can be two or more owners of the hosting server and they can store their data. Space can be divided between users according to the money each one is paying or according to the number of users using one server. In a shared server people, divide every resource of the server such as disk space, bandwidth, CPU, and memory. However, this service is appropriate for small websites and businesses. There are some limitations of shared hosting and one of them is that the website owner does not get the access to the control of mail servers. The other limitation is that it cannot select the operating system as well. That is why CRESWEBS which is one of the biggest providers of the hosting services are providing the packages for dedicated web hosting. The company is known for the kind of services of hosting they are providing along with the security of the websites from the hackers.

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