06 Apr 2018

Software Development Process In Technology

software development process is the logical consisting of series of programs used to carry out the desired objective. It can also be termed as application development and software design. The process of software development is to develop software through successive phases which include the actual writing of code as well as organization and management of requirements and objectives, the design of what is to be coded and evaluating performance by comparing achieved objectives of development with planned objectives.

 Software Development Process

Software development process involves software creation by coding using some program. The developed software functions through writing a series of interrelated programming code. A software programmer through computer programming achieves software development and includes processes such as initial research, data flow design, process flow design, flow charts, technical documentation, software testing, debugging and other software architecture techniques. It is referred to as Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC).

History and Development

There is no doubt in saying that software development companies and services are whole because of early pioneers who helped shape the structural functions of software development. Starting with the background of the software development, it was first proposed as a concept in 1945 by Charles Babbage. The development continued through the 1960s and 1970s, specifically mentioning the FORTRAN and COBOL. Later in the 1990s, IBM developed more easy programming languages through which computers found their ways to the user’s home, the PCs. According to the history of software development, the software was created long before the invention first electronic computer. As it can be noticed from our history, the invention of minicomputers, mainframe computers etc. has led to the development of software and it’s various aspects. By the mid-1980s, word processors, games, spreadsheets, audio and video software and many others were developed to be run on different computers and operating systems. In the mid-1990s, the entirely new software was developed after the development of first Internet browser. By the end of the 1990s, many software development companies have created many software programs for Microsoft, Apple, IBM etc.

Software Development in a New Era

Today, we are in the era of smartphones and multi-functioning tablets and invention of such hardware have led to the creation of many software programs. Use of the software is almost used in every aspect of our society, such as defense, airlines, oil, and gas multi-national companies etc. Some programming languages are still in use broadly, such as C and Cobal. Other languages, such as Java and Python, are somewhat younger and have been used in huge numbers of software development projects. Also, many businesses will look to increase their adoption of software development to help them understand how users are using their computers programs and what they need as well as want to use to improve user’s experience. There are few aspects of software development which will be used and in demand in upcoming future such as, flexibility, performance, and security etc. The flexibility perspective incorporates custom highlights, mixes, customized administrator and client territories for better convenience and versatility for given enterprises. That spreads both the forward-looking piece of programming improvement, the motors running in the background, and different devices cooperating in the middle. The performance issue is regularly substantial with a specific end goal to provide food for more markets, those aren’t sufficiently adaptable and stack huge amounts of information and code that moderates the application radically.


Regarding security, there’s dependably been a misalignment between first-rate security and flexibility of utilization. The more secure an application is, the more advances or limitations are presented in the ease of use cycle. This implies an “off the rack” arrangement will either be super secure, or usable and defenseless. There is no doubt that software development continues to improve and advance through the whole IT industry and provide high career growth for many individuals. Read more from here

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06 Apr 2018

How Web Development Market Start Doing Work?

According to its definition, Web development Market refers to a building, creating, and maintaining websites. It includes aspects such as web design and web programming. Technically speaking, web designer only designs websites interfaces using HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Although, a web developer may be involved in designing a website but may also write scripts in languages such as PHP and ASP and other programming languages to bring to life the design files.

Creation of a Website

A website can be created by writing code on a text editor or by using some online tools like or by using CMS like WordPress. The Term Web development refers to coding the functionality of those online tools using a programming language and some kind of database. Invented in the 1980s, the World Wide Web gained significant importance after the introduction of Mosiac browser in 1993. Tim Berners Lee outlined his concept of a computer platform in 1989 that led to the invention of the HTML in 1990 which became the fundamental building block of the World Wide Web and remains at the core of its coding and infrastructure. Later it advanced by using images together with text in a way that defined the future of web development. During 1990-2001, there was a great deal of advancement in web development and many strong technological companies set the new course of digital technology and development which led to increasing popularity of the internet, by being the main channel of telecommunication. As many hardware improvements, such as broader networks and greater bandwidth, web development market responded by enabling designers with an array of multimedia to incorporate into the growing and diversifying art of web presentation. Cascading Style Sheets, Flash video for web animation and web art, video streaming and all other related progressions in web development has made a revolutionary impact on the growth of web industries.

Increased Demand for Developers

In the coming era, the growth of internet will continue to dominate millions of people and many organizations which tend to create online websites of their own to provide a basic platform to the people about what they do and what they are offering and thus will create endless job opportunities for web developers. Therefore, the web developers need to keep themselves updated and upgraded to meet the standards. Nowadays, instead of providing a generally painted output, the web designers must think more like video producer dealing with HTML5, CSS3, responsive design and interactivity. Innovations like these have tended to blur the lines between web development and web design.

Marketing through Web Development

The integration of web design and web development market is expected to grow in the future. As the general facts about a business are already known to the people, the actual website should be developed and designed which would specifically appealing to the audience. Like all industries, the IT sector needs to be adjusted accordingly to the technological changes as web development will always be part of many aspects of the IT industries. According to a recent survey, web development market and industry are reported to have employed thousands of people around the world. In order to for the web development industry keeps growing, investments are required to be made in the modernization of tools and many development platforms, while the developers improve their skills and abilities, through training and learning opportunities.

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06 Apr 2018

Trends Of APPS In Latest Technology

Many apps have been designed for facilitating the customers and the people such as there are many applications design for easiness of human life. The thrusting nature of human being always looks for the verities of things in all aspects and the application developers are keenly observing the things needed by the customers and the users of their applications. Initially, when the limited mobile applications were designed but now the variety is increasing and a number of applications have been designed for various purposes.

Music Apps

For the lovers of music different entertaining applications have been designed. Sticking on one of the music sources keep the people bore and they always need a variety of new songs that could facilitate them with good quality music so there are a number of musical apps that provide the different songs. Before developing a music app the developer keep in view the moods and needs of the people as some people like oldies and for fulfilling their wish many music apps are based on the collection of old music, and there are some who like energetic songs and they like and get what they want. The music apps are most liked to be updated and used in the market.

Beauty Apps

The second most important application designed are the applications of the beauty products or beauty. These applications are based on many productive ideas and methods that are helpful for people knowing about the new beauty products and tips that help for having a glow on face and long hairs. The beauty treatment, tips and products gave valuable addition to the information of people and they are being used them. Nowadays most good and favorable things are that they desired products can be purchased by using various online purchases applications that could easily be downloaded in the mobile phones. There are many applications that help to have an organized way of life for the people and they can get whatever they need by using the application and just by clicking one button adds to cart.

Business Apps

Business apps have been designed for facilitating both businessman and customers. The banking sector is making its own application for facilitating the customers and grabbing more customer satisfaction. The applications of the deposit and money transfer text messages are beneficial for the banking customer. The bank application for taking help or transferring the cash, other than this there are applications that are facilitating customers with different transaction details that updated them about the actual value and figures that have been used. Another interesting thing is the application of utility that could are used for payment of different bills and purchases. All these applications have made the life easy and gave remarkable changes globally in the industry. In the same way, many other retails business have given the opportunity to the customers for using their applications and select the desired products and can have it at home without coming to the showcase. The customer can have new information about the stock they have been presented at their franchises and they can easily have the product or cloths what they want. Retail business is more profitable by using the new business strategies.

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06 Apr 2018

Uses Of Websites Content Development

Website Content development is the process of writing which is being written in the web pages, marketing sites, social media and other creative works. People who do this development are known as content developers. Developers use their creative mind, their experience, and their skilled creativity in software and different web-based technologies to gather advanced and updated knowledge for websites. Content development is essential for the updates of sites and for the marketing purpose as well as front-end web development. It is the duty of the developer to create a valid and original content for the website, blogs or for any other purpose based on the requirement by the client. There are many types of content which need to be considered when developing a content.some are given below.

Types of content

There are many types of content which need to be considered when developing a content.some are given below.


Blogging is the easier effective and cheaper way to increase the business and to promote any product or brand. The good reason why it is easy is, that blog post takes a small time to write information about the products and brand be found on the google and it Is a quick way to promote a brand or a product.This type of content seems to be ideal to create a good relationship between a developer, consumer and a reader of the post. These blog post can be very effective if it is explained and written in a good way.It can increase the product market with a number of clicks. The blog needs to be updated with intervals of time with a high quality work.It is the most suitable and accessible type of content marketing.

Long Form Website Content

One of the types of content development is free which is accessible online is a great way to increase the followers and promotion. It is to get a subscription on the page for different chapters it can be more attracted and awaited when the developer post half story and for rest, reader subscribe.


It is very easy to pack a bundle of information in one picture in a way that It looks more attractive and colorful and can be memorized easily. If there is more statistical data in the case study it can be cover in a picture through visual representation, charts, and graphics or just by the bulleted list. In infographics, one thing should be considered more carefully that is its font color and image design things should be clear to the reader should not be mixed.The main responsibility in website content development is that a person should not copy someone’s work it should be new written can be rephrased or edit/proofread content.

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