Logo Design

A graphical mark of the symbol that used to represent a specific business brand is termed as Logo. A logo is very important part of a business, organisation. It is one of the most important factor that create the identity of business. That’s why before thinking of any further your first step should have a perfect logo. We at CRESWEBS have professional graphics designers, whom can create an eye-catching logo design. We are working online from a long time to providing our designing services. So we can help you to make an awesome Logo for representation of your business.


The designing process starts with the discussion with our designers. We will prepare a few sample logos for your business. You will have the opportunity to explain your requirements properly. Keeping in mind the latest design trends, we will help you clarify your design.

Conceptual Designing

After you have chosen the design type for your logo, we will start exploring your business name. Different concepts will be studied and processed to create your perfect design.


The sketching process takes some time because it includes designing from scratch. Your business name is expressed regarding shapes or objects. Thus the logo design will clearly be representing your organisation.


Logo Is The Business Identity

Your log represent your business, organization that’s why presentation should always be attractive.

The designers start to review different sketches of the logo. It is reviewed by a few people and then only the best sketch is chosen for processing.

After having feedback from the client, our designers then move forward to make a final version. But if the design was not accepted, then some tweaks are made as per the feedback of the customer.

After everything is done an expert designer makes a final review. Any types of mistakes that are still present will be reviewed. After that, the Logo is finalized and delivered to our customers. At that time the Logo will be unique, attractive and represents your business properly.

The logo is then delivered in a sample format for our clients to review. At that moment, the client can have anything changed in the logo. If the design is not compelling enough, we can even create another version.

In first phas,  design will be made complete black and white. No colors are used until the design is finally approved by the customer. Afterwards, the designers start collecting different colors. A few variations will be used to represent your business identity.


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Knowledge Base

How much does a logo cost?

Logo design is a little bit easier to give an estimate on than website, but there is still no magic price for a logo. Depending upon the complexity of the artwork involved and the time put it into the design, the cost of logos can vary dramatically.

can you convert older logo into a vector-based digital format?

Absolutely. We can also offer suggestions and ideas on how to improve upon your older concept, should the need arise.

How soon will I receive my Logo Design?

You would receive the first set of Logo Design concepts within two days of your payment, and from then on you choose the direction you want to go with your custom Logo Design. Usually we are able to finalize a Logoafter continued revisions within a week, depending on the range and extent of changes you want.

How many Logo Design revisions will you make?

We offer unlimited revisions  which means we would go on fine-tuning your Logo Design till find it absolutely perfect for you and your business. All revisions are free of charge, and our only goal is to please you so you remain a happy customer.

Why my logo samples look less attractive than samples you have online?

We have a unique presentation. Every sample was carefully chosen and placed in the most favorable position on the page. A special background designed to enhance the viewing experience. This is not in any way done to confuse the viewer, but actually to show how the logo looks like in the optimal settings.
We present your samples on a default white background unless otherwise specified in the order form.

Some of the companies that uses Logo Design Services

We design an attractive Logo for each company to identify their business in the market.

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