Affiliate Management

Many business are currently adopting an affiliate management program. Most of the e-commerce businesses prefer to have an affiliate marketing campaign. Affiliate marketing is the only technique for targeting the required number of sales without worrying about the competition. The company doesn’t have to face problems of competition rather the affiliate marketing manager does the whole work. This technique has become so popular that almost every huge e-commerce website is using it. It is also considered as the core of other marketing techniques. Because it generates fast and effective results with fewer efforts. At CREWEBS we have professional affiliate management plans for companies like you. We have worked as affiliate management specialists for a lot of companies. So why not you take benefit of our awesome services.

Completely Automated

Our affiliate management team will handle the entire marketing process. Thus your website will start getting sales automatically. You don’t need to handle any working at all. We have professionals and specialists who will work with a proper strategy. So that the affiliate marketing system works properly on automated.

Cost Effective

Besides other marketing techniques, affiliate system is one of the cheapest and effective methods. This method will cost you a little money and will drive a lot of sales. At CREWEBS we offer cheapest affiliate management solutions for businesses. Because we want to see every business achieve its goal and become successful.

Tracking the Campaign

We will keep an eye on the entire campaign of marketing for your business. We will provide you complete details about the affiliate system. Thus you will have an estimation about the progress of the system.


Affiliate Management Services

Here is our Affiliate Management services who will provide benefits to your business.

Affiliate management allows you to handle your marketing campaign in different countries. In this way, you can easily generate sales from the target audience without any issue.

Affiliate marketing campaigns affect your website traffic completely. Your site will start getting traffic, and it will occasionally convert into customers.

Our affiliate management team will prefer affiliate relationships. This is not only increases the sales driven by the affiliate but will create trust.

Businesses having affiliate systems can generate sales faster without spending too much time. Because third party marketers handle everything. The only task for a business is to measure sales and generate income.


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Knowledge Base

What is Affiliate Management?

Affiliate management is basically performance based marketing, whereby affiliates/partners promote a merchant’s product/service and get remunerated for every sale, visit or subscription sent to the merchant. The most frequently used payment arrangements include: pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead and pay-per-click compensations. Affiliate management is one of the most powerful and effective customer acquisition tools available to an online merchant today. You decide what commission to pay, and pay only when results (sales, leads and/or clicks) are obvious.

What are the Startup Costs?

Starting an affiliate program (in-house or on a network) is generally reasonable. Options start from a few hundred US dollars.

What Sales Growth Should I Expect?

The numbers would be different depending on various factors. Some of our clients witnessed a 10% sales growth in the very first month their affiliate program was launched. Others did not pick up so swiftly, but half a year down the road affiliates were sending over 40% of their gross sales. We will work with you to the best of our ability to maximize your sales/profits.

Some of the companies that uses Affiliate Management

Each type of Affiliate Management service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

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